Thursday, March 17, 2011

And Update... sort of

So I have the chance to tell a wider scope of people about our boys and our needs... this post is being linked to another blog that could help us and our needs.

So here are the details...

- We are a family of 5... dad, mom, and 3 bio children under age 6.
- We live and work (fully support raising) at a camp for underprivileged youth in the four corner region on Colorado. We only charge $40 for a week of fun and learning about God. Find out more HERE.
- We are currently in the process of adopting a 3 year old boy, Kizito, from Uganda and pursuing the possibility to adopt a baby boy there too. Find out more HERE.
- Yes we know we will have 5 children under age 6 next year! But we are also SO joyful about being used by God and know that He will enable us where we are weak!
- Our hope is to have them home by August or September.
- As you can imagine things are a bit "tight" for us right now. We know that we can get the tax credit next year, but that doesn't so much change things for us right now.
- We are pursuing fundraising, a grant and hope to get help from our church body when we travel.

So how you can help bring them home?


For our boys safety, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

That Kizito would be free of fear and that God would help him to bond with us quickly.

That God would help our baby boy and that He would arrange the circumstances for this babies ultimate good. That the Enemy would have NO opportunity to interfere in this boy's life.

That our family would be strengthened, empowered and provided for as we grow in number and in the Lord.

For God to go before us to Uganda and arrange the details for God's glory alone!

Support Us

You can support us as a family and help provide our needs in the adoption 2 ways:

1. Buy our goods. I am selling pendants, crafts and items by other sellers. HERE and HERE are the shops.

2. Promote my blog or shops on facebook, on your blog or by telling friends about it.

3. Support us long term. This support can go through CBX (the camp) or you can donate through Paypal by clicking the "donate" button on the "Adoption" page at the top.

Thank you SO much!


Denise said...

Just love those sweet hands...

I will continue to pray, and I will promote your site on my blog and FB. Is it okay to use your photo of the necklaces?

I love your necklaces and would love to buy some but we've been without a salary for three years now so I'm forced to stick with the essentials. :)

Marci said...

Denise... yes. I think promoting my blog could make a HUGE impact for us! Thank you SOOO much for your willingness to do that for us! Hugs!

Susan A said...

Prayed for the things that you shared, can't wait to see how He leads and shows the way before you!! :)