Monday, February 28, 2011


So we are for sure going forward with our big boy! He turned 4 years old on Christmas Eve! His name is Kizito (that's not his whole name, but that's what he'll be called here... on this blog for the time being).

Kizito is a name of honor in Uganda. The first Kizito was one of the first Christian martyrs of the Baganda tribal group. Kizito was only 14 years old when he give his life for Christ! Such a rich heritage! Such an awesome name!

Any way, today 2 good friends went to visit our Kizito and took him a care package from us... I sent an outfit, small toys, tooth brush, stickers, and a family photo album among other things. I put all sorts of photos of us, our house, the mountains, deer in our yard, snow and thing I thought a little boy might want to see. I also put captions in both english and luganda (what is spoken in parts of Uganda)... I was sure hoping that my lugandan was correct. :0)

They said he loved it and looked and looked at it. His young aunt told him about snow and he told her, "I want to go there." :0) Little connections, little knitting of our hearts together.

Sweet feet!

They also brought him a soccer ball and he ran around trying to play soccer.

They got a smile out of him... he as the pearliest whitest teeth and the sweetest dimples in his cheeks! Funny, how only one of my children "got" my dimples... seems now, 2 got them. ;0)

So, we are officially introducing our son, Kizito!

We're still waiting to hear some news on our little one, but we feel peace that God's will will be done. If he is ours there is nothing that will hinder that and if he isn't we know God has a plan for him. So we pray and wait.


Becca said...

Congrats!!! :)

lucashannon said...

What wonderful news! And such sweet gifts sent to him with connections made! :)

Megan said...

I haven't looked at my blog for months, and you know what was the first post on my feed? Yours! And I am so happy, I am crying!!!! Mindy said she has been facebooking you about this wonderful addition to your family. I am so hopeful for you and will pray that everything happens as it should! What an example of Christ-like love and compassion you are!

Denise said...

Marci, I didn't know that you were adopting! Congratulations!!! I see your comments sometimes on Linny's blog and you came to mind tonight and I thought I'd stop by here and see how you were doing. I was so thrilled to read your amazing news!

Julianna said...

I am so happy for all of you!