Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tips For Dealing With Vital Records

So evidently if you get on the phone, call vital records and cry as you leave a message about how no one is helping you, how you payed $26 for a piece of paper that is worth nothing and implore them to help you get your child home they will pass you off to this guy named Jake that has a heart and he will tell you to just circle the mistake and send it to him and he will send you a corrected copy. Easy peasy.

So there, if you ever have problems with vital records, just do that the first time and you won't have all the head aches I have had the last week and a half.

Thanks Jake you have restored my faith in humanity and now I can say I do have - one - friend at vital records!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

they should've included all the info about Jake in the online instructions! who would've thunk?