Friday, August 7, 2009

Project "O"

I need to get organized. Just the thought of the work involved around this word makes me feel overwhelmed and weak kneed. I really dislike clutter, excessive knick-knacks and having to search for an hour for a key. Things have got to go...things have got to change. I've spent time researching different methods to purging, methods of organizing and what a family our size really needs in clothing and toys. Here are my findings. We don't really need much at all (not a news break to me, given our children only play with the same toys...basically trains and dolls).

However, this brings me to the next logical question, "What do I do with the stuff we don't use? Get rid of it..." Really? Give away, sell, donate good stuff that we could potentially need? Yikes! Now I am sweating. I am not a quote-unquote pack rat... If I don't need, like or appreciate something it is out the door... but when it comes to having kids...probably more kids, I fear I'll need that stained sweet smelling onesie... one more time. Yet, I am drowning in onesies, fluffy yellow booties and ugly mint colored receiving blankets! I am not even going into toys! Legos, polly pockets and wooden food are some days the bane of my existence.

Unneeded stuff isn't the only problem. How do I organize the stuff we need every day? I have walk in closets in every room, yet most times the floors of the closets are littered with the closet contents. Seriously! Screaming shelves! I am the Queen of Bins... all toys are in clear bins for easy stacking and so little ones don't tear apart their rooms. I think I need more bins... (smirking). My husband jokes me about how I love bins. If he only knew I think we need more!

Then there is all the other stuff... craft supplies, my husbands scores of T shirts, scrap booking, filing, the pantry, the laundry room, heaven forbid I open the attic door and don't even get me thinking about homeschooling next year... I am going to have to stop there! It just gets worse... it all needs to be organized. I think I need to post photos as I work on this.... little by little.

So heres some ideas I am throwing around...
- The "family closet" or having one closet for kids clothes, the other for toys...
- Organizing the attic with a file card system and numbered boxes.
- Packing up toys into 4 groups to be rotated.
- Need of shelves in closets (perhaps plastic type from home depot).
- Seriously limiting clothes to 7 play outfits, 3 dress outfits, 3 sets of pjs, 3 pairs of shoes (at least we have the shoes down).
- Getting a maid... I am really leaning toward this one.

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...they call me mommy... said...

Oh boy! Do I need project "O" in some of the areas of my house also!

My dh is a HUGE packrat (which he proudly admits :D ) and so I think I tend to go the opposite...however, I totally understand how books & toys can get out of control!

I don't save a lot of toys personally. Heavy duty toys or things like LEGOS are about it...everything else we can get so inexpensively from garage sales etc if we need it again. I try to go through their toys around their birthdays & Christmas (as they are sure to get more stuff) and weed out all broken, old, missing piece toys...then after than I get everything in a pile and hold up two things and they choose 1 for the keep pile and the other goes to St. Vincents...

Clothing is one thing I do keep...I never keep anything that is stained, ripped, or super ugly ;)...I just don't have the space!

My worst areas right now are the various cubby holes in the kitchen where random things get you have any ideas for that? I need to streamline our craft/homeschool stuff as dh sweetly let me create a crafting corner in our playroom for my scrapbooking stuff so that is not too bad...

Anyway...sorry for the long winded book! I totally understand the overwhelming need to organize!! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction! :0)