Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pet Peeves

So, I am normally a patience person. I really do try to see the very best in everyone, in fact, I think it is one of my stronger attributes, but there are just a few things that completely irritate and anger me, can I share? (This is my blog, so sure I can).

1. When people act one way, but think, feel or have values completely the opposite. Truly, I can't stand how so many women put on a show for each other and then are all bitter and sad inside because they feel misunderstood or are misunderstanding others. For the love! Just be a smidge honest! We'd all feel better if we did.

2. I don't like it when people think it is ok to "dislike" children. That is like saying, "I don't like people" Children are just little, untaught, immature people and for heaven's sakes you were a child... you should know what it feel like not to understand, to realize something is wrong for the first time, to not have complete control of yourself or to be shamed for an accident by adults. Also, why is it socially acceptable to not like children, but it is a huge social indiscretion to not like any other kind of person that differs from yourself? I honestly just don't get it...

3. I really dislike when strangers say, "Looks like you've got your hands full..." when they see me with my three little ones. I know you are trying to be nice. But, I don't have my hands full. My children are about as sweet as they get, and if at that moment they aren't being sweet, I really don't need comentary on it. Plus, be original. Everyone, everyone tells me that. I can hardly leave my home with out that comment! (Side note, I've tried all sorts of sweet replies to this, until a few weeks ago I answered back, "Yes, but it's better than empty." The lady actually argued with me about it... saying, "Oh, no. It is MUCH better not to have kids. I was so glad to get mine grown and out of my hair!" Seriously?)

4. Oh, and lastly. I really don't like seeing my faults in the mirrors of others around me. You know, when you look at some one and start to think, "Ugh, they are such a fool for doing that, having that attitude or acting that way..." and then you think, "Double Ugh, oh yeah, just did that...who's the fool now?" Totally the worst pet peeve there is!

Honestly that is about it.... but please don't ever tell me I have my hands full, I am not sure how graciously I can handle that right now. ;-)

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