Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing New for a Year

Since getting some organization done I've been thinking of a challenge for our family for several weeks now... to buy nothing new for an entire year.  At first I thought, "There is NO way."  But after thinking about it I think we could do it.  We have everything we need! We don't need anything new.  So, why are we still getting more and more? I don't know... 

We could go about it one of two ways that are reasonable and do-able for our family: 

1. Food, medical and house goods are all permissible. No buying anything that is "new" only previously used, thrifted or craiglisted items. And we each have a $50 budget for wanted or needed new items. Or...
2. Food, medical and house goods are all permissible. No buying of any item, we have to trade, repurpose or find free items, but we would still have that $50 budget for each person.  

I really think we could pull it off!  

That is exactly what Tim asked... followed with, "I just don't really think it is practical." (Since when is he the practical one?) I know, but neither is buying things we don't need, especially when we can get it if we truly do need it through other means.

So here is my "Why" list:
- We are being better stewards of what God gives us by not buying.
- We are being better stewards of the earth by re-using and re-purposing items.
- We are using our minds to be creative and industrious.
- We are teaching our children how to be all of these things.
- We are not being wasteful or consumers, we will use things to their full extent.
- We are saving our money for the future or giving more to the service of God and His people.
- We could give our extra possessions to others or trade to help others.

We are still thinking on it.  Honestly, I just want to see if I could do it! It sounds like a worthy experiment.  If we do I think a good start date would be October 1st... I'll up date if we do. 

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merrell said...

marci! i love it! way to go, i can't wait to hear how everything goes :) you go girl!!