Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bad Ol' Devil!

My daughter has kept me laughing lately.  For one thing, she is just so cute!  Then she says stuff that just makes it impossible to not bust up laughing.  Today we read the story about Jesus in the wilderness with Satan. We had to discuss who is Satan and how he is the opposite of God.  We had this theological discussion going on all day, she would say, "Satan, he is bad, right?" and "Jesus, he good, right?"  I told her, "Satan is evil, he likes to lie to us and trick us and trap us and make us disobey God. And Jesus he is always good and he wants to rescue and save us from Satan."  She seemed to just think about it all day. I wasn't sure she had really grasped any of it, because she would say, "Jesus is mean?" and seemed unsure of what we were saying. 
Then tonight we went out to dinner with 2 of our summer camp staff. She turned to the girl with the most serious face and said, "Cassie, Satan, he is a very very bad snake! He wants to TRICK us and TRAP us!"  It was so funny in one moment because of how she said it, but so serious and amazing to me that she understood correctly that I nearly cried!  

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