Saturday, January 19, 2008


Here are some goals and hopes I have for 2008. Some are very practical (as I am) and some aren't so practical.

1. Become consistent about eating more natural and healthy foods.
2. Go to Nicaragua with our church and work in the orphanage.
3. Continue nursing Elias until he is 18 months.
4. Do more than survive the summer and support my husband in his job.
5. Become a better communicator with people.
6. Become better at pursuing relationships with staff, other moms and people in general.
7. Learn about adoption and about adoption from Ethiopia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Korea.
8. Read "Pilgrim's Progress."
9. Have Fun Day Friday's with Addie.
10. Have a 1 hour learning/play time on Mondays and Wednesdays with Addie.
11. Go once a month to Library time.
12. Develop a more understanding and empathetic spirit.
13. Get away alone for a Spiritual retreat for 24 hours.
14. Have an adventure with Tim.
15. Not always focus on making everything easier.
16. Get outside everyday, even when it is cold.
17. Plan a trip to Africa (um, maybe?)
18. Learn about homeschooling and what we need to do to be prepared for that.
19. Pursue my sweet husband more :)
20. Start family worship on a daily basis.


Claire said...

I'll join you for the trip to Africa and alone time on a spiritual retreat! I've been meaning to do one of those for a long time. and, PS, my sister helps foster kids get adopted, and their organization is really cool. they might have info you'ld like: Otherwise, I love your list. =)

Marci said...

Thanks! Wouldn't it be great to travel with a bunch of friends!!! Please come visit us Claire! :)

Heather said...

These look like GREAT dreams!!!!!
Enjoy your site.... love the pics from christmas!

Sheri Ludlam said...

Hey, I know this bog is old, but I was just enjoying reading your inspiring and helpful blog! You are awesome by the way Marci, an awesome mother, wife, and child of God! I truly do inspire to do some of the things that you do, and I know I have not told you this before :) Well, it would be great to get to spend a day or two with you sometime to see how you actually make things happen.
My true purpose in this comment is to let you know that I have been working for an adoption agency for almost a year now doing home studies, post-adoption work, and some other stuff. I mostly do home studies for families adoption from Ethiopia. I'd love to share some information that I know. You can also look at our website at I know this was a wicked long comment. Let me know your thoughts.