Monday, January 14, 2008


I know...I know... New Year's Resolutions are ALWAYS broken. But, we are trying to change some of our less good habits, mainly our eating habits. We are pretty traditional American eaters. We eat 3 meals, with meat, starch and veggies. I actually think the quality of our food is good, but it is just that we eat too much meat and really focus on the traditional "balanced" meal. We are doing a few things differently:
- Tim is doing a cleanse/fast starting today. I am not because I am nursing.
- We are going to start eating a hardy breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner.
- We are going to stop putting the focus of our meals on meat and putting the focus on veggies (a salad with meat, more Asian foods, soups).
- We are going to eat more fish.
- We are going to stop shopping at Walmart because the produce is poor.
- We will include a small snack of fruit in our day.
I am hoping that these things help us to have healthier eating habits and to become healthier people.

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