Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Addie has been going to a tutor for her reading this fall.
Her tutor is THE best and works prodominatly with dyslexic students.

She has some amazing and fun ideas of how to support struggling readers and to help them love and enjoy learning.

We've been really enjoy the game SLAP!

How it Works...

~ Get some unlined index cards 3x5 and cut them in half to make smaller cards (to save money and because they are an easier size to work with).
~ Write a bunch of sight words mixed in with just regular words you student is working on. You can tailor this to your child's needs. You could have a list of easy ones like: mat, bat, cat, the, a, is, in. Make a pile of at least 20 words.
~ You can under line difficult blends like: ing, ang, ong, ung. Or three letter blends like: scr, spr, str.
~ Then depending on how big your deck is write the words "slap" and "save" on several cards, we have about a half dozen of each word for our 50 word deck.
~ Mix them up through out the deck.

How to Play Slap!

#1 - Sound out and read the top word, take turns reading and placing the correctly read word in front of the reader. If the child misses the word, help them sound it out or remind them it is a sight word and what it is. Keep it positive and fun!

#2 - When you come to the words "slap" or "save" slap it... whoever slaps it first gets the word.
If you slap the word "slap" you get all the other person's card pile to put in front of yourself. If you slap the word "save" you get to set your whole pile aside and no one can steal them from you when they get a "slap".

#3 - Have fun while you read words! Count up what you have at the end of the game! Try not to get too competitive about winning Slap, parents! Really, it isn't becoming... 

Thanks, Tracy Brothers for the fun ideas of how to support struggling readers!

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