Monday, October 28, 2013

3 Funny Stories About Cora

Cora said to me the other day as I was brushing out her hair... "Mom. I am the only girl in our family who got bangs like Mummum. God gave you one kid with bangs, but no one else was born with them but me!" 
I finally gave in and told her that people aren't born with bangs... she was disappointed she isn't our special "bangs" child.

One of Cora's famous "looks".
I know, it is kind of frightening!

On friday we went on a nature study hike. Cora has a slight speech articulation issue and some sounds are hard for her to pronounce. We finally have gotten her to say C in her name, so it isn't Torah any longer. She got away from me in the hike and was about 6 people up the trail and got up by the guide, undoubtably by her intent. 
She started talking away at him and he said, "So, what is your name?" 
She said, "Co-ah" as clearly as she could (but left out the ever important "r" sound.
The guide said with a clearly confused tone, "Co-ah... oh... hum..."
She knew things were not right and I thought of rescuing her, but hated to shout over 6 people's heads but before I did she solved the problem, "No, it is spelled C-O-R-A... Co-ah..." 
The guide said with a laugh, "OH! Cora! That is a nice name. Thanks for spelling it for me!"

Yesterday Cora when lizard hunting with the boys. The boys came back with a lizard each and Cora came back with an inchworm and a tarantula... not joking! 
She named the Inchworm "Princy". Oddly she calls a curtsy a "princy" too.
She was afraid of chickens up until a few months ago...

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