Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ugandan Tooth Rat

So, joy of all joys! Allan lost his 2nd tooth!
Confession time... I lost (as in can't find) his first lost tooth... such a horrible mother!

We are starting a new tradition in our home...
See ya, Tooth Fairy! Welcome, Ugandan Tooth Rat!

Yeah. So, we learned that in Uganda (an actually many nations based on a book I read at our dentist recently) there is a tradition of a Tooth Rat. How it works is a child loses a tooth and naturally puts in a corner of their house. During the night the Tooth Rat comes to visit and takes the tooth and replaces it with something good... money, treat, small toy!

The rat signifies strong teeth, because who has stronger, sharper teeth than a rat?
The taking of the teeth signifies taking babyhood!

So here it is... Our Family Tooth Rat!
Isn't he precious? I found him on Etsy! 

And if you want to be grossed out watch Allan pulling his tooth and spitting blood in the sink... and the girls gawking and cheering him on!!! He carrying his tooth around on a paper plate now... like a royal pillow.

Other info on The Tooth Rat:

Tooth Rat 
Proof that there are others who do this...

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