Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School Today: Navigation and Orienteering

We are studying Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New World today. 

In a stroke of genius that doesn't come to often to me, I called Tim up and asked him to bring home a compass and a map. When he asked "What kind of compass?" I balked... "Um... a regular, old fashioned, one?" Then he so kindly reminded me there is a circular compass used in Math (such a nasty word) and then there is the kind that tells you where North is... oh, yeah... I am really qualified to teach my children... really.

Once that was dealt with he came home and did a full lesson on...

Directions: North, South, East and West
True North
Magnetic pulls
Map reading
Using a compass
And how to Orienteer

My word! I learned things in the lesson, and the kids kept up with it all!
I loved where this topic took us in our learning today... it is one of the greatest thrills to let learning lead our school!

(While I know there is a whole lot of "issues" when it comes to Columbus (or even the idea of him), however, I am glad we can use his life as an example of a great many things, both in the positives and the negatives. If anything ought to be remembered at looking back and people through time it is that we are all people with complexities and "issues" of our own!)

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Jenny said...

This made me smile. I am super "qualified" in spelling. I often ask my husband to spell a word for me that I covered the rule for that very day. This being said, my spelling is improving for teaching my kids.