Friday, January 25, 2013

From Afar

I got an update on sweet Ezra!
He is 2 and a half years old now.

I found out that his tribal name is Baligarhare which means “they come from afar”… how cool is that!?! I wish we had names with meaning like that here.

Our last photo of him almost exactly a year ago is on the side bar...
Very unsure and cautious, but doing well.

Here is his latest photo, just taken yesterday!
My heart be still! Beautiful boy!

The Pastor that oversees his care had this report for us...

“He is doing great and is growing fat. I noticed he has taken long to speak, our nurse will go and examine him and see if it is a normal thing. Our nurse will get him some de-worming medicine as well. He likes eating.”

It gets even better... just look at the love and obvious joy! 

If you want to read Ezra's full story read HERE and HERE
 (or click Ezra under the label to get the long story).

We are praying for Ezra and why he may not be speaking or talking yet. Praying, specifically, that any obstacles are removed and that he communicates his thoughts to those in his life and that they listen. Praying for overall wellness and safety as he is cared for by his aunt and cousin and prayers that he can remain in their care until his adulthood.

We are pretty fortunate to hear how he is... it couldn't be done with out a ministry that seeks to care for children and families in vulnerable places. This ministry has around 85 children/families being served through sponsorship. Out of the 85 only 25 stay at their children's home (orphanage), the rest are in schools locally or boarding schools and are regularly or continually in their biological families care. 

We are thankful for ministries like this one that seek to serve the needs of children and families in some of the most difficult places to bring up children!

::Side Note::
Many people know that both our children from Uganda have living bio family (extended or parental). While this isn't about them... it is. I believe children are made for families, any type that is committed to loving and raising them with their needs in mind. Both biological and adoptive families CAN do that...

Please don't think I am "anti-adoption" or even "against" the adoption of a child with known family members (or even "adoption ethics police"... it is just not me). Much to the opposite, we have been there. We went down that path carefully with our other two children, because it became CLEAR that there was not any other alternatives for them, but adoption. While the decisions to adopt them was made under much weight and evaluation by us, it was ultimately made with their surviving bio family's lone direction and desires.

But, back to Ezra...
Honestly, I hesitated to share Ezra and our involvement with him, because I was really doubtful if "family preservation" would work, particularly in his case, because things looked SO horrible and hopeless.
It has worked!

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