Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Unused Name List

I love hearing what people would have named their children if it was a different gender and what the "runner up" name was!

We have a lot of "unused" names... mainly because we are those type who can NEVER EVER make a choice about names prior to meeting our babies/children. It has never happened! Plus, we have never found out the gender of our infants prior to birth, so we have at the least had 2 names for each child to choice from... and usually our "short" list has been about 3 names of each gender. 

As for our children who came home via adoption... they have maintained their birth names almost exactly in their entirety... we opted out of one of them due to negative personal connotation, but we also added a name from us to them as a blessing (Isaiah) or for daily use (Thea). They both have their tribal names a their middle names and double first names.

Just for insider information, Thea is the only child I, alone, have ever named. Tim had the final call on all of them, and often vetoed my top choice with everyone except Cora who I saw and looked like a "Cora" to me and Tim, both. In hindsight, I am glad Tim named our kids because all of them are perfectly named!

So here it is... the "Unused Name List"...

Adelynn was to be…

Annalise            Elijah or Elias
Laurel               Jacob (but it was too popular)
Ruth/ie              Nathaniel (I had a student that sort of ruined the name for me).

Elias was to be…

Naomi                 Christian
Eliza                    Eli (just, not Elias)
Selah                   Reed

Isaiah Allan was to be…


Cora was to be…

Laurel                       Noah
Nora Cate                 Reed
Selah                        Isaac

Thea Agnes was to be...
(Well, I always knew if she ever became our daughter her name would be Thea, Laurel was still my favorite "runner up" name, but it didn't fit her AT ALL, and we mulled over these names a bit... but she was "Thea").

Jovia (This is a common/ish Ugandan name meaning Joy).
Whitley (This is a family name.)

That is all folks... the unused names!

What about you? What were your Unused Names???

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