Tuesday, October 16, 2012

True Story Tuesday: Elias and the "Tinky" Mud

While we were on our vacation we did a lot of bike riding. The boys and Addie are training pedal free and the little girls were in the trailer. We rocked!

One day we road to/thru this amazing park in Spokane just a few miles from Tim's parents house. We ate lunch at this sweet little outdoor cafe. We had just got back on our bikes and started home when Elias said he had to go potty. We asked at the cafe where the closest bathroom was and they said their wasn't one so we did what any parent of a 5 year old boy would do... we sent him behind a building in some trees to do his business.

He came back out and said with disgust, "Mom! I have some tinky (stinky) mud on my chaco!"

"Tinky mud?"

My mom radar when off... "Tinky mud" = "poop"!!!

I said, "Buddy, did you go poop, not just potty?" thinking perhaps he needed to go and had some issues... He said no, but I checked him... nope... clean as a whistle. That is good news!

But, wait... if he didn't poop then who or what did???

Mom radar starts blaring!!!!!

If the "tinky mud" didn't come from him where DID it come from???????????


My kid stepped in someone else's poop!!!

And by the looks of it it wasn't dog... and it wasn't a healthy human!!! Bummer!

So, what did I do?
What any mom would.
I whipped out the baby wipes and cleaned someone else's poop off my son's foot and shoe...
while my husband looked on gagging, retching and shaking his head in horror.

Then... Elias looked up at me in admiration and said,
"Mom. You are the bestest poop cleaner upper in the whole world!"

Yes, son.
I am!

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