Friday, October 14, 2011

School Today

Today in school... well really this week, we have been studying ancient civilizations.
Today was Egypt.

We practiced doing things like people would have a long time ago... or in certain places, like it is still done today.

We carried a bowl on our heads.
We "toured" a pyramid.
And we learned about hieroglyphics. And wrote our names in them!
We remarked that Egypt wouldn't be as well off if it weren't for Uganda, because with out Uganda Egypt wouldn't have the Nile.
We talked about why God didn't want Abram to settle in Egypt and how that has application for us today.
We learned about mummy's and we all agree that it is sort of gross.

Learning is fun!
History is the funnest!
(because grammar is a bummer and funnest IS too a word!)

Here are some fun links about Ancient Egypt:

Practice carrying a bowl on our heads
It is a practical skill... right?
Oh wait, gross motor skills, that's it!

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