Friday, July 29, 2011


I called our boy today.
I first spoke with Aunt Eron. She filled me in like always. Everyone is good.

I called back an hour later because I think it was dinner time.

When I called back their house had a few guests. Evidently it has been raining a lot there. I got to speak with Jjajja (grandma), Carol (a lady, maybe Pauline's mom?), Pauline (a little girl), I think Kizito's cousins where there too, there were a couple of little "Hi's" from time to time and of course sweet Kizito. His voice really is the sweetest sound.

Elias was with me so he spoke too. Then Aunt Eron wanted to talk with Cora and Addie... she (they all) love Cora. They think she is as cute as can be and NOT joking ask about her first every time I talk to them! The whole house (in UG) was in an uproar. They were laughing, the children talking and making exclamations when they heard Addie, Eli and Cora. Cora kept repeating every word I said. When I spoke with Carol she said, "I just wanted to hear your voice and listen to you in America." Pauline said, "Hallo, my name is Pauline. How are you?" Kizito kept saying, "Hello... how are you?... Good... I love you." I think that is the extent of his English. :-) I think we were their late night show and entertainment! They certainly laughed about it and were talking in Luganda when we said things.

Finally Eron said, "It was so fun to talk with you all, but I think we must be letting you go to bed." It was 11 am our time :-)... but 9 pm for them.


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