Friday, June 24, 2011

The Visitor

Sometimes Spring is a mystery... where we live, Spring is short lived. In places like Tennessee it shines in vibrant glory, with bright colors and crisp mornings. Not so here.

Here it tarries in coming and then leaves early in a huff.
I never feel like I can savor it long enough. It is fleeting and fickle.
It is like a visitor that comes only to leave when you are getting use to them. Other seasons settle in, you think they will never ever leave and you get sick of them. Not Spring. Not ever.

But nights like a few weeks ago make me want to capture it, hold it with clenched fists.
It was moist, comfortably cool, still and calm. It was perfect.

Yesterday I thought... it is gone... it is officially and physically gone.
Things are dry. It is hot. And the fans are on.
I already am thinking... "Summer, you are already putting your feet up on my furniture and not cleaning up after yourself. Why couldn't you be a guest like Spring?"

But here is what I captured of this Spring.

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