Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clever Kizito

We were blessed to get an update on Kizito yesterday.
A friend is there currently and was able to make it out to Kizito's area to deliver some groceries and goods to them. She said a neighbor said, Kizito was always a very shy and serious child. Then his new mother came to visit and he is always smiling, outgoing and "very clever."

We aren't exactly sure what clever means, but we are sure it must be a good thing.
Look at his sweet smile!

He also had a cough... but so do Addie, Elias and Cora.
It totally made me laugh. We're already sharing sicknesses.

We are busy preparing... we have our Biometrics appointment on Tuesday... getting our FILE sent off sometime this week... and praying like mad for all the little details to align.

We are praying for TWO September court dates...
One for Kizito and one for Little Miss...
the same day would be a miracle!

Please join us in this prayer.

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