Friday, June 3, 2011

In The News

Headlines from all fronts...

Personal: I have double viral pink eye. Silly... not so much. Woke up to my eye being swollen shut! Stink eye!

Recreation/Business (Camp): We are on day 3 of Staff Training. This is a good crew... they are every year, but yet I am relieved they are a good group of people. I think we'll have a life changing and fun summer together!

Home: My children had a rough day yesterday. Staff training is a tough time for our family... lots of adjustments and lots to get use to... daddy's busyness, mommy being the BIG boss... all the time now, living much of our time at camp and just getting use to some new rules... ie not sneaking cookies from the kitchen, running off and sitting during meetings.

Arts: This is BIG news! Elias learned to whistle... before Addie. He has done nothing but whistle for the last 2 days. It is pretty funny.

World News: THREE big things on the adoption...
1. We have an appointment for biometrics with the USCIS (don't ask if you don't know... it just means we get to get our finger prints with immigration, but it is a fairly big step in the right direction). Here is the problem... it is a during camp. Stink! Not sure what we will do with that.
2. We heard we are paper ready in UG... awaiting our affidavits and nearly ready to send off THE FILE.
3. We got a few new photos of Little Miss... who we finally named (but you'll have to wait to find out or ask me in person). No, we didn't think Little Miss Miller would work long term. :-)

So that's the News. Thanks for tuning in.

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