Friday, June 3, 2011

Calling Home

I've been trying to call Kizito on a weekly basis. It is wonderful because most people there have cell phones... I think land lines are rare. But cells are sort of inexpensive and virtually everyone has one. You just upload them with minutes (credit). Anyway, Kizito's family has a phone (think they use it for emergencies, I rarely saw them use it) and I can call them through Skype. You just make an audio call. This last call cost me little more than a dollar.

Every one is good.
Eron said that Jaja (Grandma) and Kizito are well.
Kizito was out playing... that is life for a four year o
ld boy in Ug@nda. They play all day long.

But I waited 15 minutes and he was at home then... time for bed.
What a sweet little voice he has. Here is a good representation of our conversation... with Auntie Eron translating:

Me: Hello Kizito!
K: Hallo.
Me: How are you?
K: Goud.
Me: Did you have fun playing today?
K: Yes.
Me: Are you being a good boy? (Not sure why I asked that... like he'd say, "I was rotten today.")
K: Yes.
Me: I love you!
K: I love you! (Pause and lugandan talking) How are you?
Me: Good.
K: How is Audie (Addie)?
Me: She is good! ... Sleep well tonight. We love you!
K: I love you.
Me: Good bye sweet boy.
K: Guh' bye.

THEN I got to talk with Jaja!

It was pretty much the same thing. We translated through Eron. She asked if we were well and I said yes and asked if she was well and she said yes and then she said thank you for calling. I said we love them very much.

Then as I was getting off with Eron I could hear Jaja telling her all these things to say... I love old Ug@ndan ladies... It was like she was ordering Eron, "You make sure and tell her thank you for calling! Tell her to sleep well! Tell her we look forward to seeing her again!" :-)

Eron said all that and then paused and said, "It isn't night there for you?" I said, "It is morning, but we will have a good day and you have good rest."

Such a HUGE blessing!
So happy to hear a sweet little voice!

Feeling honored to participate in this thing God has brought to us. We've already learned so much and been changed into something closer resembling our Lord. Who knew that was what this adoption would be about? Good stuff.

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