Sunday, April 17, 2011


So in a stroke of genius or insanity I decided to move Cora into Addie's room. We've been meaning to do it for some time now, but after 2 incidents of Cora needing to use the bathroom and unable to in her crib... Or shall I say...using the bathroom in her crib and unable to get out, I knew the move was needed now!

Since it was sort of spur of the moment I told the kiddos at bed time. Addie and Cora were super excited! They both had huge smiles and commented about getting to have a "girl room!"

I then noticed Elias' chin was quivering and he didn't look too happy. As the girls rushed off to enjoy the new fun bed time routine I held Eli and asked, "Hey buddy, what is wrong?"

He said that he didn't want to sleep alone and wanted to have "Cori" in his room.

Such a sweet thing when you children like each other.
Those two really love the other!

I talked to him about how we need to make room in the boy room for his new brother... And then he'll have someone to sleep with. It helped and he willingly offered Cora his "re-re" ... A fuzzy bit of blanket he sleeps with... So she would feel safe in her big bed. Choking back the tears.

Growing up... Two kiddos did some bigger things tonight... and a mommy a bit too.

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