Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Locked Up

So I got home and locked up my blog...

1. After talking to our lawyer in depth about how much blogs tend to be harming families adoption processes in Uganda... evidently there are people that spy on families. We don't want to deal with that... Sometimes anonimity is a good thing.

2. We have also gotten a few mean hearted comments about the fact we are adopting children that aren't currently in orphanages or assuming that the limited families they have would raise them if they could. People have verying views on adoption and some think that it is wrong to adopt a child that has a family. I DO think those children in orphanages should be helped first and foremost... they are waiting. But also, I know in Kizito's case his grandma is COMPLETELY unwilling to put him in an orphanage, BUT, they still have no other options based on her health and circumstances. There is simply no one else to care for him and her health is not good. So we are avoiding some "crazies" that are out there that we don't want to make our family an example for.

3. Also, there were some assumptions that I had also "gone out to find" the baby girl... to which I laugh. NO. She has a teen mom, who had tried to "dump" or abandon her 3 times. People even tracked her down and returned the baby once. She came to leave the baby at her aunts and her aunts neighbor put them in contact with a lady who supervises women's and children's welfare in that area. The neighbor had recently relinquished a nephew who was later adopted. She liked the idea of her daughter being placed for adoption. I was involved because mainly I wanted to know just what was taking place... and really IF things were handled with the utmost care and concern for ethics. I was able to get them both to the doctor and also offer SEVERAL different options to the young mom.
AND we still have NO idea if we will proceed. There is just too much to figure out right now and I still have several other things I am working on trying to see if are an option for this kiddo.

4. Also, I can share a bit more about our process.

So, at the loss of some support through the craft sales we lock things up. But I feel a lot of assurance and peace of mind in doing so! We might unlock things after we get home.

Also, I am home. I hated to leave, but I also hated to stay longer too.
I will "unpack" it all I get time.
It was amazing, God-filled, challenging and beautiful. Thanking God for the opportunities He gave me and for teaching me so much!


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Cindy said...

There is a lot of grey in Ugandan adoption... I did not realize it until I had been in country.
Sorry you had to deal with meanness. :(