Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tim updating on Marci's trip...
After two days of struggle, Marci is in Uganda. I have finally made contact with her, and we need your prayers.

Monday morning we woke to her flight out of Durango being canceled. So we quickly traveled to Albuquerque to have her catch a flight to Dallas, to connect to London. She needed to arrive by 5:30pm. We arrived in ABQ at 9 am to catch her 10:30 flight. Canceled. She was moved to a 11:45 flight. Canceled. She was moved to a 12:45 flight. Delayed 2 hours. She ended up arriving in Dallas 20 minutes before her London flight left. Praise God!

The flight to London was horrid. Bumpy and turbulent the entire time. Marci was sick all night and did not sleep. From London, the flight to Uganda was smooth. Early this morning she arrived in Uganda. Only hours after landing, the pastor of the church/ministry we are working with showed up at Marci's guest house and explained that the grandmother of the younger boy we are adopting was in town from her village 4 hours away and was leaving in the morning. He rushed Marci to where they stay and she was confronted with the most horrendous living conditions she has ever seen or heard of.

We need your prayer! Uganda is 9 hours ahead of us, so around midnight tonight Colorado time. Please as you rest tonight, lift Marci up in prayer. She is broken and feeling in way over her head, but we know God is big and can accomplish the impossible. Please pray! We know God has a plan and we just want to do what He leads us to do.

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