Monday, July 8, 2013

Laughing at Camp!

We have teenage boys at camp this week.
Today while Eli was unloading the dishwasher I over heard him beat boxing.
It was actually quite good for a 6 year old.
I love our life!

Eli walked into one of our staff meetings... people lined couches and floors. He walked by Shannon, a counselor, and accidentally kicked over her water. He looked at his mistake and then back at Shannon and immediately went and hugged her neck. "Aw's" went around the whole group. It was cute. Then later I asked him why he had hugged Shannon, he said, "'Cause I felt bad I spilled her water and I thought, 'she needs a hug now.'"

Cora was sitting on one of our female staff members laps on 4th of July waiting for the show to start.
The single staff member commented that she wanted fireworks at her future wedding.
Cora gasped and asked when her wedding would be. The staff member laughed and told her she didn't have a man yet.
Cora thought about this apparent problem and said, "You could wait and let the campers (teen boys) grow up and then marry one of them..." We laughed at this notion and and she said, "What? At least they aren't your brothers!"

A few days ago I heard Thea stir from her nap slumber. She started jabbering and then I heard her belt out, clear as a bell, "AIN'T NOBODY -- WAIT-- (clap, clap) -- LOVE ME LIKE JESUS!" 

A few days ago Addie tried some camp food and exclaimed, "SWEET PUMPKIN PIE... THAT IS GOOD!"  (It wasn't pumpkin pie.)

Last night Allan found two straws (he is Mr. Resourceful) and decided that he and his brother should play Capture the Flag with the straws being the flags, so they started playing. A few of our teenage boy campers watched on because they didn't feel like playing basketball with the group. They watched with amusement. Soon Allan had them roped into playing. Then he was very animatedly taking these big 6 foot boys to "jail". They were having such fun together and it was all Allan's doing!


Katie Grosskopf said...

Your kids are such a blessing and I hearing about how camp influences their lives and how their sweetness influences everyone at camp! I also love how much Allen has blossomed over the last year!
Thanks for sharing your stories! I can't wait to see you. Daniel and I are planning to come down the first weekend in August.
Love, Katie

hhodges said...

How great!! I hope J has similar experiences as a ministry kid!