Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Treat

I wasn't going to check my email today, but did because I noticed I had 4 emails, I wondered why... I got a sweet little update on Little Miss (the baby girl I met while in Uganda). I was able to get connected with the group that supports her orphanage here in the states and to keep updated on her situation. We are currently seeing what situations might be best for her and praying that God would direct us to help her in whatever way would be best. But, the email update...

It said...

She cries during night
She is cool with everything
She smiles a lot
She has allergies but not much
She eats well

So I laughed when I read, "She is cool with everything." Yep, she's just cool like that!
Apart from the allergies (not sure what that is about... if the milk is giving her tummy troubles or something) it was music to my ears. The last line... "she eats well," is especially good to know.

When I was there I noticed she was a fussy girl, she seem ravenous. She'd be fed, then fuss, fitfully conk out and then wet and wet and wet and then be hungry again in an hour. I am not exaggerating about the wetting... one time she was sleeping and wet so much it ran out of her diaper and made a puddle on the floor and... she was diapered properly.

By God's grace I had thought to bring formula (I was hoping to give it to Baby Boy, but handing that off just didn't work out, it had really upset me I couldn't get it to him, but now I know why). So I had some and once I got her started on it, NO joke, she ate and ate and then fell into a peaceful sleep. She woke happy and didn't wet nearly as much. I've never been so thankful for formula before!

Also, even though she was 3 months old she only weighed 8lbs. 6oz. Her face looked chunky... but that was the only part of her that did. Her little legs and arms were sticks! She looked like a newborn...

Also, we recently found out that a sickness (I am suspicioning it might be sort of like RSV type stuff) has 2 little ones in the home in the hospital. Please pray for Little Miss and the other children there, that it doesn't spread and that the 2 little ones get better soon and can also come home quickly. There families are getting anxious and missing them so much!

We also got this!!!

This sweet young married couple come work/volunteer at the Baby Home and I got to meet them in my quick visit to the home. We actually carpooled them into town when I left. Zach is the husband and Katie the wife. We connected right away, Zach is from Colorado originally. It was just another God thing.

She is the fluffy headed one in yellow.

Katie is finishing up her student teaching at a local school (wish I had thought of that) and Zach is working several different places just to help others out!

They told me all about this home and how great it is and not to be worried to leave Little Miss there.

Such sweet news on an already sweet day. Icing on the cake, I think!

Wanted to also add... look at how lovingly that "mama" is holding the baby on the floor! She is really snuggling that baby. :-) This home is a special place... babies are held, fed in arms and played with! They get care like a mother would give through out the night!

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