Monday, April 20, 2015

Nicholas Hilliard My Very Fashionable, Undoubtably, Hipster Ancestor

My mom likes to do genealogies.
We have been studying Elizabeth I or "Good Queen Bess" and I realized that the cover art was originally done by none other than Nicholas Hilliard my 12th great grandfather on my maternal (Whitley) line.  His portraits were quite the rage back in the mid 1500's it seems. Everyone from the Queen to Sir Walter Raleigh commissioned his work.

Here's Nicolas Hilliard himself...
Just look at how he rocks that lace collar!
He was a looker and I bet he wore some nice skinny "jeans" and went by Nico on occasion. 
I really think he may have been a hipster at heart. His work makes me think that he likely created the first "selfie".

This was his wife Alice and I can only imagine why he painted her neck line so low! 
I assume they were madly in love, her heart shaped hair is a subtle hint at how much she loved him... they married quite late at the age 29 and had two sons. 

That's as notable as we get... Nicholas Hilliard and his talents with a paint brush!

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