Friday, April 10, 2015

Renaissance Study

This week has been engaging!
Renaissance ~ Rebirth
Old ideas becoming new.
Realism. Invention. New Ideas.

We've read...

(This was a left-over from last week, but still a favorite!)

We've listened to...
The Story of Mankind ~ By Hendrick Van Loon (Now that's a name!)
Scroll down to chapter #39 - Renaissance

(I know this is earlier, but it put us in the mood 
to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!

We've watched...

We've done...

Some amazingly fun art projects!

Putting ourselves on to our backs just like Michelangelo to paint or draw "The Creation of Adam".

Cora is in the midst of dramatic disgust! 
Throwing pencil and giving up all hope!

Addie found when you erase the bits fall in your eyes!

Eli puts a "boppy" to good use.

Cora is all discouragement. Just too hard!

Allan is having a grand time!

The end results... The Creation of Adam. 
Top left: Addie
Top right: Cora
Middle left: Allan
Bottom left: Thea
Right: Elias

And a little Mona Lisa smile...

I encouraged the children to make Mona Lisa their own!

Addie's ~ The Fingernail Painted Mona Lisa
Allan ~ The Yellow and Green Mona Lisa
Thea ~ The Faceless Dark Skinned Mona Lisa
Elias ~ The Green Skinned Mona Lisa
Cora ~ The Lipsticked and Blue-eyed Mona Lisa

Whew! Thank goodness it's Friday!

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