Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Good Things...

So we've had lots and lots happen this past week... here is the update.

- Addie is officially reading... at least SO much more fluently than before. It is a good thing for this mama that nearly falls asleep during phonics. :-)

- I've sold 3 pendants, 1 necklace and 1 Theadora Baby! Thank you for supporting us!

- We've been overwhelmed by a few gifts of love to get our boys home!!! It is just astounding and humbling to the core! Thank you all for supporting us and loving the orphan and being a doer of the Word!

- We got our clearances from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations back.... they determined we are NOT criminals! Can I get a big "HURRAY!" Even though it is no surprise to us... it took them nearly 7 weeks to get our clearances to us. Now we can move on and start the next phase... getting our home study double and triple checked. They are thorough.

- In just under 2 weeks I'll be heading to Uganda... yep you read right! I'll be meeting Kizito 2 weeks from tomorrow!!! And I hope to meet baby boy the following day!!! :0D

The long and short of it... there is a trip going from our town and I have an opportunity to join them. I am beyond nervous for so many reason, but also so over joyed and this amazing opportunity to love, connect and get to know our boys and also get a bit of my bearings and perhaps get some work done!

I just need prayers. This is so out of my comfort zone... I am in the "orange" zone for sure (if you worked at CP you know what I am talking about).

But that is that... not much else to add.


Jean said...

How exciting!!!

Jess said...

So excited that you get to go to Uganda and meet your boys- you will absolutely fall in love with them, and the country! I will be praying for your trip! I just know it will be amazing.

eva said...

Anybody who can push out a sunny side up can take on Africa to meet her new babies.....I'm so excited for you!! I wish I could jump in your suitcase..How about the Velker Clan Visit in June? We can meet your boys and help out!!

ellzabelle said...

That's amazing Marci! Enjoy!!! I am planning on donating items for you to sell, just have been very busy with sewing other items right now, but I will as soon as I can!