Monday, February 14, 2011

Dropping the Ball on Valentines Day

Love, it is a good thing, very very good.
But why no valentines, sweets and stuffed animals around our house today?

Well, it really isn't out of principle or anything noble and self-righteous.
I think it may have started with Tim and I. We, in our youth swore with indignation that our LOVE would NOT be limited to one day a year... yada, yada.

So we have never really done the Valentines Day thing.
But this year seems a bit keener to me.
I feel like half of our family is in Uganda... it literally is, so it isn't weird I feel that way.
But anyway, my heart hurts a bit and feels a bit torn.

More than that, we ended up having our last home study visit today or all days. Such a practical act of love... to be asked 20 questions and walk around our house making sure it is safe. But I guess that is the kind of love we are often asked to show... practical, a bit uncomfortable and more exposing than we would like. But that is how I spent my day... oh and also a made dash mopping, and scrubbing areas that weren't even checked by our social worker. Drats! I didn't have to scrub under the sinks! :-)

So, my extent of showing love today was mopping, scrubbing, being exposed and reading a 20 page document about my and my husband's life and proof reading it. Very glamourous!

However, I have a plan for next year... Secret Valentine's Week.
My friend is a mom of 6 sweet children and she does this... totally NOT my idea.

One week prior to Valentines day each child draws a sibling to have as a Secret Valentine. All week they are encouraged to buy goodies out of "Mom's Valentine Store" and do acts of service and love for them and on Valentines they reveal who they had with a gift on Valentines morning... too cute, huh!
I would like to also add saving up a gift for someone in need, like World Vision type present.

This year I also focused our morning Bible Time on LOVE... How God loves us and how we can show our love for Him and how people that follow God show love to each other. It was a success.

So, my parting words of love:

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,

that we should be called children of God!

1 John 3:1

Amazing, huh? I love that word "lavished" it describes God's love perfectly!

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Kimberly said...

Don't forget some sweet care packages that were put together with lots of LOVE! (Those did arrive today, after all, of all days...)

Blessings and LOVE to you!