Monday, February 14, 2011

Crafts and Homemaking

This "Type Setters Drawer" was given to me after my grandma's death. It holds a place of honor over my kitchen sink and contains treasures. I've slowly added to it over the last year or 2. It is one of my very favorite things.

I am making a line of charms and necklaces to
sell to make some $$ for the adoption.
Here are a couple of photos.

A single charm made out of a Ugandan magazine bead.
This is my favorite!

Here is all the charms I made... they look pretty cool all strung together.
But I am not intending on selling them all together like this.

Here are some cute cards I made at MOPS!
The theme: Love Birds.

I am also knitting a new diaper bag. I am going to felt it... right now it looks like a large lump of red yarn... but I have high hopes! Sometimes the best creations don't look like much at the beginning.


Mountain Family said...

Very cute charms! Where did you get the paper beads?

Marci said...

You can buy loose beads from "Beads for Life". There is a store in Boulder some where.

merrell said...

marci, how do i buy your amazing crafts? :)