Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bead Shop Open

Amukula is the Lugandan word for

"to give a gift to royalty."

Amukula are beaded charms for necklaces. Most of the charms are made from beads made by women in Uganda. The women carefully roll strips of magazines into lovely, unique and earthy looking beads. Other Amukula charms are made from Asian enameled beads and most of the charms contain salvaged and repurposed beads, faux or genuine pearls and even Swarovski crystal beads.

Amukula charms look stunning set alone, but the look improves the more charms you string on your necklace!

When you purchase Amukula charms you are benefiting 3 people; the women who made them, our children in Uganda and yourself!

There are three different styles: earthy, whimsical and classic.

Earthy charms are most commonly made with natural beads, bark beads and fresh water pearls. They come in a variety of different colors most found in nature.

Whimsical charms most commonly include bright colored beads and things that sparkle and shine. They come in a variety of different bright and funky colors.

Classic charms most commonly include subdued colored beads, and crystal and pearl or faux pearl accents. The come in a variety of pastel colors as well as black and white.

Each charm is $13 (this includes all shipping costs).

You can specify your desired style at check out and also state if you would like Ugandan or Asian beads.

Please specify your order as a “gift” when you purchase it to help us all avoid PayPal fees.

If you would like to work outside of paypal, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for giving as you spend!

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