Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Eve and Day 2010

Christmas Eve

Our family went to our church for a 3 pm Christmas service that was feared to be not attended... nope. The church was so full us back row sitters had to sit in the second row because that was all that was open! A good problem for our church for sure!

We then went out to a nice dinner. We are rarely downtown on Christmas Eve and it was so cute... bustling and merriment! I love living in Durango!

We ended the night as the children opened 1 gift from each grandparent group... PJs from my parents. They managed to find nightgowns for the girls! Cori wore her first nightgown! It was adorable on her! And Tim's mom made the children each a "big kid" quilt! They were great to cuddle up with on Christmas Eve and loved by all!

Christmas Day in the Morning

We feared an early wake up call... as we had been up all night putting together goodies... namely a bunk bed. But, we got our wake up call at 7:30. Not too bad. The only problem was that despite locking a gate at the top of the stairs 2 little people were "snooping" around in their stockings! Tim caught Elias making a made dash up the stairs with a car shaped pillow we had gotten him. :-)

Addie got art supplies! She is our artist. She spends 8 hours a day drawing, writing letters, painting and coloring. She will use up a ream of paper in a week flat if you'll let her... well that might be exaggerating, but it is close.

Elias waiting patiently for his turn... yep we take turns... no free for all.

Elias excited about his slot car track... that was a bust by the way. It was way too hard, even for adults. The cars would fly off the track every 6 inches. :-( We are currently looking for the recept. Rrr!

Cora got the cutest set of felt food made by my friend Sarah. They are seriously cute! Here is her Esty store... Happy Little Ones. She is so creative.

Here is a donut and strawberries. Cora also got a turkey sandwich complete with swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and bread of course.

The day was best when Elias got to go "open" his bunk bed... well really a lofted bed. We expect he'll be having a little brother move into his room in the coming years. (Don't get any ideas... I said years). Just look at the sweet surprised face! Being 3 is grand!

He was a little scared at first, but 10 minutes later was climbing the climbing wall part up and down!

Merriment all around!

Good times!

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