Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Husband = St. Nicolas

My husband really is what makes our family great!
He is so creative, so fun, so ready to make good even better.

He made the majority of our Christmas dinner, by choice. As I posted before, when we are home for Christmas we do this Surf and Turf dinner thing that was all his idea. Literally all I had to do was make a potato dish, set the table and toss a salad.

Doesn't that look delish!

We after sitting down we both commented that we had WAY too much food and noted that we could easily have added 3 to our table and eaten comfortably... Yeah left overs!

But that is not where my husband's greatness ends. He made our son's bunk bed... made it, not assembled it. And he made it in literally 3 days. He is SO nice to have around.

Lastly he brought me to happy joyful tears this morning. He got me the BEST present ever! First the present he helped the children get me was this amazing hand woven basket by Ugandan refugees in Northern Uganda. These are people that need our prayers! Their children are kidnapped and forced into a horrible "army" only to be trained to kill and kidnap other children! They need our help and our love. Buy similar baskets here... People Weaver

Plus it looks adorable holding all my Christmas cards!

Then he personally got me 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces also made in Uganda by women... the proceeds going to these women. They are made with magazines or cereal boxes and rolled into beads! They are super cute and very chic these days!

And the same organization... Beads for Life... also has a program for women to use Shea Butter to make soap and chapstick. I am a chapstick fiend and am fairly picky about what goes on my lips and was SO surprised at the quality of this chap stick. It doesn't have to be re applied over and over and leaves your lips with a yucky taste or feeling... I am definitely going to keep buying from them.
The best thing however, was having a husband that sees my heart and loves the things that I love! Honestly I cried when I opened my basket... I had NO idea he even knew about these organizations. His time and care shows SO much love to me... and others! I am "lucky"!

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...they call me mommy... said...

How neat, Marci! Those are very special gifts!! :)