Friday, November 12, 2010

One More Story about Laughing

So last week my parents came for a short visit. We are doing some work remodeling a condo and went to show my parents what we had done. I left the kids in the car with a video (totally beyond safe... just trust me). Being extra precautious I was watching the car the whole time from the window.

First I noticed Elias get out of his seat and climb up into the front seat, which I thought was weird, but he wasn't doing any thing wrong so I just kept watching.

Then I see him rolling down the car window, again I thought, "Hum that is weird."
Then he stands up next to the window.

My mommy radar goes bizerk (if you are a mom of a boy you probably know what is coming.)

Next he pulls down his pants! I yell, "Eli! Don't! I'm coming!"
Too late, out comes his little business spraying three feet out the window of our bright red suburban!!!

The boy's got distance! And all I could say was, "Good job buddy! I'm glad you didn't wet your pants. Way to solve the problem!" It was really good thinking!

And I go back in to find my parents and Tim are standing at the window laughing their heads off.


...they call me mommy... said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Cute! When ya gotta go, you gotta go! ;)

PS - I LOVE that Beautiful song you have in your playlist! I just posted the video! It spoke so much to my heart due to stuff the Lord is showing me lately! THANK YOU!

Many blessings, Marci!

Mountain Family said...

Ha-ha-ha! LOL! That is SO funny!


Julianna said...

I am laughing too.