Monday, November 15, 2010

Memorial Box Monday - A Letter

This is a letter I wrote last night for a project our friend is putting together for her little girl, so she can start to learn and know her dad, who is now with the Lord. It was probably one of the hardest letters I've ever written, but helped me to remember how good God has been in bring people like our friend Jason into our life. We already have a photo of Jason in our memorial box. It was actually one of the very first things I put in it.

As for the letter, Tim is adding some of his favorite stories... but those will come later.


First of all, we want to tell you how much we thank God that we get to know you. You are someone we hoped we would get to know, partially because we love your mom and your dad very dearly, and also because we knew you would be an amazing person. We also thank God because He saw fit to allow us to be friends with your dad Jason.

Your dad was the kind of person you could first meet and realize that he was exactly the kind of friend you would like and need most of all. We both met Jason the first day of our sophomore year of college. He was our resident assistant and he was Tim’s roommate. Through out that year Jason really helped us both grow into better people and closer to God. He confronted us when we were wrong, helping us when we were heart broken and sad, and helping us navigate our way through the struggles. He was always someone we knew we could talk to and that his advice would be godly and biblical. Jason was much more to Tim, he was a best friend, a mentor and the person that was willing to take Tim under his wing and lead him to a true relationship with Jesus. He is both a spiritual father and brother to Tim.

(Tim is adding his story here)

Jason also aided an unruly group of guys in giving Marci a swirly, but wrote a note saying, "Please forgive us!" and hung it on her door after she took a good thorough shower! He was a very funny guy and always enjoyable to be around.

Jason had a few personality quirks, but the one that was most noticeable was that Jason could talk just about anyone into anything. He always did this with godliness, but still could do it, nonetheless. Your daddy was also a really hard worker! He would work so hard; serving and ministering that often he would forget about his own needs and others would remind him to take a break. He was also a really great cook and was very creative in the kitchen. One night at a staff dinner in Crossville both Jason and Marci were getting a brownie from a pan. Jason was cutting the corner piece out and Marci thought he didn’t want it and took it… he said, “HEY… that’s mine! Give it back. I was working hard to get that out!” And we fought over it, but Marci finally let him have it. Jason had good taste… he liked the corner brownies the best.

Another thing your dad was really good at was helping people. He would work on cars, help with housing needs and on many occasions he helped us cut down trees in our yard. He was a servant to all. He was never too busy to be a friend to ANYONE. He had the ability to see people how God sees them and to love them through serving them. We both learned a lot from your dad. He taught us a lot about the Word of God, how to handle disagreements in love and maturely, and how to forgive. More than anything Jason loved the Lord and sought to serve Him in all that he did.

When we moved from Crossville to Durango the thing that made it the hardest was leaving your dad and mom. They were dear friends and we missed them, but it was always refreshing to know that any time day or night a call could be made and it was like no time had passed and no miles were between us. It was hard being friends from a distance, but also so fun to see your mom and dad grow, continue to be faithful at CP even when it was so hard and to see them become parents and hear first hand about the joy and excitement their new sweet daughter brought him!

We both remember when your daddy called us to tell us you had arrived. He was beaming with happiness… he was so joyful to have a little girl! He was SO proud of your beautiful name, Abigail Grace, and he wanted us to know that he wanted you called Abigail, not Abby, because he thought it was perfect for his beautiful girl. He loved you so much, even when you were so little and he looked forward to seeing you grow up into the woman God has made you to be.

You have a great heritage Abigail! Your mom is a woman of courage and hope and your father is a man you can always take pride in. He chose to make the most of every opportunity and he served his God greatly with all his was given! He was special to us and you are too!

We love you,

Tim and Marci

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