Friday, November 12, 2010

Making Me Laugh

I'm so thankful God's given me 3 little lovies to make me laugh.
They seriously crack me up.


Cora is such a poker face... she really is WAY too straight faced most times...
She and Mona Lisa have lots in common.

And occasionally you get faces like this!
(That is Cora eating birthday cake.)

Recently I just noticed that about half of her head has WAY less hair than the other side. At first I thought, "Well, I guess her head is just growing in one side fast than the other."

Then just day or so ago I laid her down to sleep and she stuck her beloved thumb in her mouth and then reached her other hand up to the lesser side of her head and ripped out a large chunk of hair... took it to her cheek and started tickling her cheek with the hair! I nearly jumped out of my skin! I said, "Oh Corie! Are you pulling out your hair?!" She nodded in the affirmative. We're working on that one still. But, it made me laugh... I can't believe I just thought it was growing in funny!

Elias is cracking me up too. Recently we were given this Marble Madness Game... at first I thought, "Oh great, another game with lots of parts to make a big mess for mommy to clean up." I'll retract my first statement, because well, it kept three little people busy for exactly 5 hours and 37 minutes (my approximate in mommy time). But, needless to say, they sat for hours playing quietly... and that is a good toy in my opinion. Elias loved it the most and he made up a game where he would set it all up, let the marble go and do this crazy mad man dance as it went down the chutes... Here is his dance...

A week ago Tim came riding home from the camp on the dirt bike... Elias HAD to join him... in his underwear and wearing Addies pink and poke-a-doted rubber boots. But, he looked manly doing it!

Addie is well, always very expressive, perhaps Cora know enough is being expressed on behalf of everyone by Addie.

Recently I was putting her to bed and she said, "Mom a long time ago when there were dinosaurs and they died, did the people living then, the archaeologist, actually take time to bury the dead dinosaurs?" I didn't even know where to start on that one. I just laughed and said, "No I think they were buried naturally."

Such a thoughtful and funny girl!

Oh NO! So I must leave... I'll finish later... Seriously, the toilet just over flowed and there are inches of water!!! Everywhere!!!

This is making me laugh too!

So, I'm back... seriously the toilet was running from the tank bucket loads of water...

Here is what I mopped up. That is a lot of water! The excitement never ends!

(Yep that water looks so gross... I think it was just because the bucket was dirty...
really my bathroom floor is super clean now!)

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Mountain Family said...

They are all so adorable! We have a thumb sucker fuzz puller at our house. She pulls "fuzz" off of any blanket or clothing or stuffed animal and stuffs it up her nose. Not rubs it on her nose - stuffs it up! We have had to take everything fuzzy away from her till she can break the habit. And she stills tries to pull if off of unfuzzy things. Stange habits they sometimes have.