Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sun Rise, Sun Set

It amazes me how quickly children can change. I've been quarantined to my bedroom with the flu for 3 days now. Tonight I had the wonderful "priviledge" of eating dinner with my family. My children have grown in those three days! My two year old asked with sincere concern, "Mommy, better you?" My four year old showed me her new trick on the swing set, winding up and then spinning out in circles. They both learned how to work the see-saw swing together... with out injuring each other. And my 11 month old signed "more", "please" and "eat" at dinner. I was shocked. It amazes me to step away, return and in that short instant to see how much they grow and learn. Sweet days to savor!

The melody of Fiddler on the Roof's "Sun Rise, Sun Set" lingers in my babies grow.

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merrell said...

thanks for sharing this, such sweet thoughts :) and i'm glad you're feeling better! hey, by the way, have you ever made felt play food for your kids? any tips?