Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Elias!

Elias was born a year ago today! I was recollecting his easy nature, even as a new born. His first night we (Tim, my mom and I) all planned on a typical rough newborn night, so we planned on taking 3 hour shifts. I took the first at 11 pm, nursed him, sat up in the rocking chair praying he would at least give me a few hours rest. Soon, his plump little cheeks were asleep on my shoulder. I dosed in the chair for an hour and figured since he was sleeping so good I would move to the couch. Two hours later, still snoring away, so I moved up to the bed, were he slept until 4 am, nursed and slept until 7 am! We were all dumbfounded and wonderfully well-rested. That's how it has been with Elias. He is a happy, cheerful, yet wiggly baby boy! He smiles with is WHOLE face and never denies anyone a smile. We are blessed beyond ourselves to have been given such a precious boy to know and raise. Thank you Lord!

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