Friday, June 1, 2007

Potty Training 101

Here is my formula for potty training. Or, at least what I have done by trial and error.
- We took away all diaper during the day. We used pantys, training underwear and a nude bottom, except for naps and bed time. While going out we put a cloth diaper cover over undies.
- Addie wore dressed almost all the time. As pulling pants down just makes it more difficult.
- Croc shoes (or Walmart equivalent) are wonderful for rinsing off after accidents.
- Invest in a handful of pairs of thick (cloth diaper brand, as they are more absorbent) training pants, get them a size too big as they will be easier to pull down. They also come in handle later for night training and for use during sicknesses.
- Get all undies in a size too big...easier to pull down.
- Get a "Piddle Pad" for your car seat, it is worth the money!  Continually taking off your carseat cover and washing it isn't much fun and our carseat was so yucky I almost wanted to buy a new one!
- We role played the potty process with a favorite animal and encouraged the trainee to help.
- We used little treats to reward successful potty trips.
- When accidents happened we let it roll off our back, but explained how "yucky" it is to have wet pants or to potty on the floor.
- We used a potty chair and a few books to help the trainee sit for a bit an enjoy the potty chair.
- We ask the trainee every 1/2 hour if they are "still dry" and have them feel to make sure. Then we tell them it is "time to go potty."
- We praised everytime they are dry and everytime they have a successful potty trip!!!
- We kept it as fun as possible!

- It took about 3 days to get use to going tinkle on the potty.
- On day 4 she started going poop on the potty, with some strong encouragement.
- She still had accidents with pantys on by day 5, but with a bare bottom she made it to the potty every time.

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merrell said...

i love reading your thoughts! i think i will have to revisit this in a year when we are potty training grace :) i'm excited to hear about you and what you have to say! it will be fun to keep in contact over our blogs.
love, merrell