Monday, June 4, 2007

About Us

My husband and I work at a summer camp for underpriviledged youth in southwest Colorado. This is our second summer here. The camp serves 8-18 year olds. The camp offers the following activities: camping, backpacking, rafting, high ropes activities, various games, swimming, horsemanship, skills classes, bb guns, archery, and paint ball. We also have a garden and animals (baby lambs, chicks, ducklings and turkeys, and grown goats).
Next week we have 8-11 year old girls come. During this camp I will be teaching the evening lessons. I am super excited about this opportunity. I will also be teaching skills classes for older girls, mainly knitting and cooking classes. My husband will be leading backpacking trips that hike the Colorado trail through the San Juans.
It is such a blessing being a part of this ministry and learning and growing as people here!

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