Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 1 of School

Ah! We got a full week under out belt... 
Whoo hoo! 

It was a good one though.

To start our week off, Tim (daddy and principal) took all of our schooled kids (pre-schoolers don't "count") out for breakfast, then he does the official drop off to school... always with flowers for teacher.  It is our super fun little tradition! And yes... their backpacks are completely empty...

Week 1 Realizations....

I was super duper pleased to see only one of my kids had major "summer learning loss..."

We worked more on getting in a routine... learning how to do chores independently in the morning... taking morning showers on a set day... and keeping up our personal laundry systems!

Thea accomplished a WHOLE day of preschool! Yay me for actually getting it done!

I taught the children what the all important "selfie" is... so they could draw a portrait of themselves.

Then we did amazingly pointless, yet fun things like make models of our sister out of base 10 blocks... That's math AND art... right?

And I didn't go into labor while trying to clean (madly)!

Good times!

This year we have students in the following grades...

Just 30+ weeks more to go!
Oh boy...

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