Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School Room ~ 2014/15

Not much has changed in the last year, but I noted, I didn't update what we had done last year in our homeschool space! 

Sorry this is so poor quality... I'll work on getting a better one, it is all that backlighting from the doors. BUT, it gives you a basic layout of our main schooling space. 

We also move over to our couches (to the right) and go downstairs often in our family room, but this is where we start our days!

Work table... with chore charts.

Independent and phonics work table.

Nature Nook

Thea's preschool work table.

Main Resource Shelves 
(left to right and top to bottom)
First Shelf: Mom's resources and main texts, Math resources and texts, Phonics resources and texts, Readers. 
Middle Shelf: Story of the World binders (color coded for each child), Addie's Resources (purple), Allan's Resources (yellow).
Last Shelf: Cora's Resources (pink), Eli's Resources (green)
On Top: Daily supplies like pencils, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, colored pencils

Supplie Closet: Thea's Play/Preschool Bins and LOTS of books!

Elias' Chore Chart

Addie's Binders: Language Arts and Main Work (Calendar and Dictation) Binder

Addie's Resources Shelf: Math, Handwriting, Grammar, Writing, Binders

Mom/Teacher's Resource Shelf

Bible Bin
(back to front) 
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing
Found in Him (only for mom)
Exploring Grace Together
Teal Box: Scripture Memory Cards
Yellow Box: Catechism Memory Cards

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