Friday, August 15, 2014

House of Higher Learning 2014/2015 Curriculum Plan

I love this time of year! School supplies... planning... books arriving in the mail! It is nearly back to homeschool time!

This year our students are...

Addie - 3rd grade
Allan - 1st grade
Elias - 1st grade
Cora - Kindergarten, doing 1st grade work
Thea - Preschool

At our school I've taken what we thrived in last year and kept it and done some considerable tweaking in the areas we struggled in or didn't accomplish much at.

I love planning... yes, really I do... and this is what we are planning on doing this fall and winter. It follows our Scope and Sequence Plan and we continue to find that Story of the World is a great spine to hold our school up around!

Bible & Catechism

And our...

We will also continue learning the catechism and scripture memory during our morning worship time!

Memory & Dictation

Each morning we are covering a different area of memory or dictation work...

~Our Memory Work~

Daily - Math, counting or facts
Monday - Current Events, we will watch CNN Student News
Tuesday - Calendar
Wednesday - Science review
Thursday - Grammar review
Friday - Poetry reading or memory

Our 3rd Grader has daily dictation that coincides with her Lanugage Arts program.
Our K and 1st Graders will likely be working on writing short sentences or words pulled from their All About Reading curriculum or readers.

History & Literature

With just some of our AMAZING accompanying literature...



This year we will have children doing Primer, Alpha, and Beta (and moving up to Gamma) levels of Math U See... it should be interesting!
I am excited to see all my big kids doing math and moving along!


All of our children (except the toddler) are using All About Reading for phonics and spelling.

This year my oldest will be finishing up level 2 and moving into level 3 and my 3 middle children will be finishing up level 1. We find it to be a HIGHLY effective curriculum for even the most challenged learners! Love, love, love!

Grammar, Writing & Language Arts

Writing with Ease - Levels 1 and 2
First Language Lessons - Levels 1 and 2

I have also made Addie (grade 3) her own language arts plan that includes reading, writing and application of the skills learned in Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons.


Getty Dubay - Levels B and D

Last year, when I got this curriculum I was very unsure if I'd like it, after using it I've decided I do like it very much. It is easy to teach, straight forward and produces a script that I think is ascetically pleasing. Also, my children enjoy handwriting, and that is saying a lot!

Also, an interesting article on the importance of the practice of handwriting, particularly for children who struggle to read: What's Lost as Handwriting Fades


Unit studies in: Astronomy, Life Science, and the Human Body
We are trying out Lyrical Learning for the first time!


There is nothing better than a little A.A. Milne.


Our 3 year old will be doing a combo of Rod and Staff workbooks, play bins, activities and age appropriate literature. I gleaned some fun ideas from: Hubbard's Cupboard

Mom's Continuing Education

I'll be reading

and enjoying She Reads Truth (app)

That's it folks!
Happy school year!

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J.C. Fam said...

Fun post, Marci! Thanks for sharing. Btw, I hope you all enjoy LLS. We have enjoyed it for years now. I often play the songs while my children are working or playing. You never forget what you sing! Lol, I borrowed that line from Kathy Troxel of a Audio Memory. :) Praying that you all have a great year!