Monday, April 14, 2014

The Stork and A 6th Baby

We're so excited for this baby to join our family. Having baby #6 is certainly different from having #1, 2 or even 3... but I will say that when I was expecting #3 people started saying things like "Didn't you think you had enough with 2?" or "Don't you know what causes that?" and various other comments.

With our 4th and 5th (or really 2nd and 5th) additions people seemed to realize that having a larger family wasn't about our reproduction abilities but about our desire or perspective about children and family. They seemed to "give up" on us. Yay!

We have gotten a whole lot of congratulatory "Oh, wow. Congrats! .... Was that planned?" from a vast majority of people this time around, which always leaves me a bit tongue tied... because it isn't a very easy question to answer any way you look at it, now is it?

Addie, who is 9 years old (almost) and hears everything, recently said, "So mom... when people say 'Did you plan that'... that is really kind of rude, isn't it?" 

I said, "I think some would consider it rude or more likely, not a very helpful comment... what do you think?" 

Addie thought and said, "Well, of course you didn't PLAN it, God did... so yeah, it is rude!" 

I love how she thinks. 

While we might have "shoo'ed" ... God had a plan and that little one was dropped in our laps and lives right on schedule and just as He planned! We are thankful to be allowed this sweet and wonderful miracle yet again!

Seriously, this made me snort laugh... so funny!
That Stork!

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