Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Birthday Boy!

~Dear Eli~

You are 7 today!
I keep having to repeat that and remind myself it is true.
I simply can't believe it! How can my littlest baby boy be SEVEN?

Seven seems very big to me, it seemed big when I was little and it still seems big now. It is like you are no longer a "little child" of 5 or 6, but you are an official "child" who will be on his way to being an "older child" of 10 in just a few years! Seven is almost 8, when you can watch Star Wars and stay up later... it is monumental... and you know it!

But I know you are ready for 7.
You are, and have always been ready for whatever comes your way... but in a really laid back and chill manner. Totally unassuming. Even on your day of birth you were so ready, but so chill and relaxed about it all. You just slept and ate like you'd been doing it your whole life... no drama, no demands, just assurance and composure.

I love you! I love your heart. It blesses me daily.

You are literally THE most loyal person I know.

Your brother is both your hero and yet you know you must protect him at the very same time. You look up to him, but you also sleep on the outside at night because you know he'll feel safer if you do! You willingly put yourself in reach of some night time boogy man, so that he can rest well.
That thought makes me tear up every time I think of it!
I understand a little more why God saw fit to make you the little brother... and yet you are bigger at the same time!

You have the dirtiest feet of anyone I know. Dirt seeks you out.
Your freckles make me smile.
You can't lie.
You like to help and work, even in the littlest ways.
You make people feel loved by your attention.
You get irritated by your little (or big) sisters but you still seek to love them and play with them.
You are a good conversationalist.
You never sweat the small stuff.
You are a good listener, even when you look like you aren't listening at all.
You have a lot of energy, but you try to not let it rule you.
You have amazing ideas.
The only time you "lose it" is when you feel something is very wrong.
You are very thoughtful and considerate.

Elias, my prayer for you is that you wouldn't change at all... not one bit, but that God would continue to develop you into a man who finds strength in God alone. I pray that all your amazing gifts and sweet characteristics are tempered with humility and honesty. I pray that you would know the depth of your sin and turn to Jesus for your hope and salvation! I hope you are still able to look up to people around you while knowing your place might be to protect and care for them!

I am thankful for you and I can't wait to see what a year brings in your life!

I love you!

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