Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Known Facts @ Me...

- I eat a semi-gluten free diet... basically because I am lazy. My husband is 100% gluten free and so we all pretty much don't do gluten because it makes my life easier. I LOVE NutThins brand ranch flavored crackers!!! Seriously as addicting as Cheetos or doritos!

- I don't have my ears pierced. Never have, never desire to.

- I am rapidly going gray... very nicely right along my hairline. Yep. I am in my early 30s. My great grandmother was fully white headed by her early 40s... My mom and grandma started coloring their hair at my age. I am still undecided.

- Most of my best friends are either older than me or younger than me. Effects of camp life.

- I don't bake. I can. I just don't like to. Anything requiring measuring cups is a chore. Luckily, Tim is both gifted at and enjoys baking.

- I have finger toes. I can pick up things like pencils with my feet.

- I wear my chacos or chaco flip flops almost daily (even in the winter) inside because of our concrete floors.

- I asked my parents to homeschool me for highschool. They didn't, but I think they'd agree that it might have been a good idea in hindsight.

- I never make my bed... really never... and I am not really ashamed of that. However, my children know that a sure-fire way to bless me is to make it for me!

- I always daily sweep my floors and wash off any surface/table top... after it is used, every single time.

- I wear sunglasses anytime I go outside... so I keep them on my head a lot. My daughters will put sunglasses on their heads to "be mommy".

- My favorite color is red, but I don't have much of it anywhere in my home.

- My secret hobby is curriculum planning.

- I can't stand the thought of living in the suburbs... it really makes me want to cry, just thinking about it.

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