Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House of Higher Learning 2013/14 Curricula Plan

Ready or not, here we come!
School is set to start August 19th.

What are we doing???

This year we are using Story of the World as our spine/core.
Check out my plans... how I made Story of the World a bit more like Sonlight to fit our personal preferences! What teacher is most stoked about is all the amazingly enthralling read-alouds we have planned!!!


In addition, (pun totally intended) our math will be Math-U-See. I'll have THREE children doing math!
What do you get when you have 1 child doing Beta level math, and you add 2 children doing Primer level math? A whole lot of insanity!!!

Not to subtract from that, I will have FOUR children doing phonics... which is complete mayhem! I am breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about it! Addie is finishing up Level 2 of All About Reading and the middle 3 will be doing the Pre-Reader program with AAR.

Please pray for me!!!
I am totally not joking... REALLY... pray for me!

With Addie I will be doing Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons 2... Writing and Grammar.

All our children will be doing handwriting with Getty Dubay Italics. Not sure how I feel about this after getting it, but I do really like how it looks and the "cursive" that is not really cursive but nice looking script writing... but still... not sure about it, yet. Review to come later.

For Science we are going to ROCK it! No, really... we are going to be doing a unit study on geology and archaeology. I have ordered some "break your own geodes", some obsidian arrow heads, pumice stones and we are using a few different books to study from. We are planning to do some amazing field trips and excavations!

Lastly, and most importantly we will be using God's Names as our Bible curricula/study. 
I am personally excited for this study and looking for a personal study to do on this topic too! I am still prepping this method of memorization... Found Here! For catechism we will continue with our cards and our morning devo from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.


Happy School Year!

(Side note... I didn't get anything for promoting these books or curriculum. 
I just like them and seek to share our plan for what we will be doing this year!)

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