Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On School... Are We Done?

I am being asked a lot by my (many) public school mom friends, "So, are you done? Have you finished school too?"

We are officially done with our school year and it feels heavenly!

BUT. I seriously believe in "Summer Learning Loss"... and I want to avoid losing what I personally worked so hard for my kids to gain. Like many PSers my kids are still learning this summer.

On Tues/Thurs Addie is doing a lesson of math (self lead) ... this is why I love Math-U-See.
On Tues/Wed/Thurs Addie is doing a phonic lesson with me and daily doing some silent reading time.
We also have a summer reading list that is going to ROCK!

Here is our Summer {School} Schedule... and basically my family organization schedule for our crayzeee summer!

And... best of all, it is "Art Season" and we are doing weekly lessons on drawing using Drawing With Children. It is a very effective and fun method! Can't wait to post some of our art in coming weeks!

Additionally, I got to thinking that we might reassign grade levels for some of our kids prior to next year.
I know. That sounds like a big deal... but really it isn't.

Basically, I got concerned that if our kids are starting Kindergarten at age 5 (and some of them being very young 5 year olds) that they'd be leaving our (high) school and entering college at the young age of 17. Basically, I don't want that for them. So... this fall everyone is staying put in the grade that they were currently in last year ... while moving up in content and ability. Really, most of them are at grade level or above in most areas of study, but I am debating this for Addie since physically she is tall... just not sure.

I struggle with wanting things to be uniform... orderly... concrete... but this isn't homeschool.
I am picking what is best in the long run over what makes sense today.

Plus, I'd much rather tell a 6 year old that they are staying back in a grade than to have to tell a 16 year old that. My future self is giving me props for saving some sanity with an over emotional teenager later!

So that is school and the glorious end of it for a few months!

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Julianna said...

I love summer homeschool.